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Four times a year, Beauty Revived hosts a campaign that focuses on one type of beautiful woman.  We have a 50 Beautiful Mothers campaign, 50 Beautiful Children campaign, 50 Beautiful H.S. Senior campaign and then a 50 Beautiful Women campaign.  Photographers are able to apply to be one of 50 photographers to do a session and to be featured in our quarterly magazine. Each photographer will gift a session and submit the pictures and story to be featured in the Beauty Revived magazine and on the blog.  

There is a small application fee to apply to be one of the photographers.  The money collected helps keep Beauty Revived running without soliciting donations.  
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Here are the dates.
50 Beautiful Mothers Campaign
Applications open Jan. 9, 2017
Submissions due
​March 31, 2017

Magazine released May 1, 2017
50 Beautiful Children Campaign
Applications open March. 13, 2017

Submissions due July 10, 2017

Magazine released Aug. 28, 2017

50 Beautiful H.S. Senior Campaign

Applications open May 22, 2017

Submissions due Dec. 1, 2017

Magazine released January 2018
50 Beautiful Golden Couples Campaign
Applications open July 17, 2017

Submissions due  Oct. 2, 2017

Magazine released Nov. 14, 2017
1. Find a woman who exemplifies real beauty
We all know those unsung hereos that live in our neighborhoods.  You know the ones who constantly strive to serve and bless others no matter their own trials or circumstances.  They are the ones with real beauty.  
2. Gift a session to her
That's right, just call her up, tell her how amazing she is and offer to take her pictures.  She might hesitate at first because she isn't the type of person who likes to be in the limelight, but with your encouragement she will say yes because she knows that her story can make a difference.   
3. Submit for feature 
Lastly, submit up to 15 images and her story to our blog for publication.
Sessions are featured daily on our website.  
Hey You! 
With the help of photographers like you, we have shared the stories of more than 500 women.  Together we are taking on the world and challenging how it defines beauty.
I'm a giver. That's where my heart is. I love being part of a 'feel good' movement! I love that I can bless others with my gift of portraiture. I love learning stories about beautiful women and teens, especially when there's so much negative in the world. I love the new friends and relationships formed of like-minded people. 
It's always been part of my mission in life and business to give back and make a positive impact, but when I became a leader for The Rising Tide Society a year and a half ago, it set my soul on FIRE for helping others. Beatry Revived has given me the opportunity to make a difference and give back to someone who deserves it! 
I love photography and the stories that can be told. What's better than helping someone feel special and doing something I love at the same time. Win! Win! I have loved every experience I've had because of Beauty Revived and the friendships I've made.
Wildmulberry Photography
My biggest reason for being a part of Beauty Revived is change. Changing the way the world views and defines beauty. Not just the surface butt what is behind it all.